These miniature sculptures are wearable fine art pieces. I love creating custom jewelry for you to cherish and enjoy. Each piece is hand made, using up to 12 steps,  from one of my original designs. I use .999% fine silver and solid bronze to ensure each is heirloom and collectors quality .  I also incorporate genuine fresh water pearls, fine crystal and chez glass beads into some of the jewlery. The following are in collections of some of my wonderful clients, from around the globe.  While every design is created by hand and no two are identical, similar jewelry pieces can be customized just for you.

Solid Bronze Arabian Horse Pendant. Free style design scultped with a drape bail. This piece hangs on 22" of beautiful glass and chez glass beads. 

 .999% Fine Silver Arabian Horse head and neck study. This is a gorgeous fine artpiece designed to be worn and cherished. This miniature sculpture measures 1 1/2" x 1 5/8" , a wonderful, remarkable size.

This piece combines .999% Fine Silver with beautiful peacock colored fresh water pearls. Hung from a double sterling silver chain.

 Solid Bronze with genuine Fresh Water Pearls. Pendant measures 1/14" diameter, overall length is 22"

 Gorgeous representative of an Andalusian. Bronze horse measures 2" x  1 3/4"

Hangs from a 26" bronze chain.

Also available in 1 1/2" x  1 1/6"

Sleek and charming antique replica in solid Bronze. Medallion measures  7/8" diameter. Hangs from a nineteen inch bronze chain.

Gorgeous 3/4" diameter coin shaped pendant. Solid Bronze, hangs from a 19" bronze chain.