About Us

The relationship between horse and human is historical. Many artists have created renditions of the horse since the beginning of time. Along with the sheer presence of the horse in my life, this animals exquisite and artfull form intrigued me. I began to study the horse in fine art. I fell in love with the old masters, such as Da Vinci, Rodan and Degas. Throughout my school years, I sketched, painted and fiddled with clay. I strive to put true to life expression and feeling into each horse and have always been blessed with an abundance of live models in my each and every day. 

        Many of us have met at various shows throughout the United States. I have enjoyed meeting you and have loved learning about your amazing horses. Forty years ago the 'horse-bug' hit me. I began riding and showing horses as a child and through each horse I've known, my appreciation for this amazing animal has grown. I love being with these intuitive and beautiful creatures who, to me are living, breathing art.  

 I feel very fortunate to be able to recreate many of the qualities and presence of this magnificent animal. I strive to represent the horses as they truly are, without over  accentuation of features or naturally sculptural anatomy.  I have aquired best of show fine art awards, commissioned portraits, awards and fine jewelry. I also enjoy creating pieces to aide in fund raising for a variety of non profit associations.

Please contact us with any questions and for Dealer or Association's Inquiries

Phone: (760) 774-4729

Palm Desert, California


Laurie Bielilk